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Information system has undeniably become an important supporting technology that enables company to achieve their goals more effectively and efficiently. The awareness of how much benefits a good information system and technology can bring has led companies to utilize it. Nowadays, more and more companies rely heavily their day-to-day operation on a good information system. PT. Dika Data Securindo attempts to address companies needs of hardware, software, cabling infrastructure and excellent technical support and to help companies realize reliable information system.PT Dika Data Securindo commits to deliver a complete solution.

PT Dika Data Securindo, which is an affiliation of CV. Dika Tekindo Jaya was established in 2005 as a Hardware and Software supplier and PLN partner in System Online Payment Point (SOPP). Beginning in 2008, PT Dika Data Securindo started to focus on Payment Online Busines, among others Payment Point Online Bank (PPOB) PT PLN, PT Telkom ect. Let's Visit to see our activities.

PT. Dika build software that can help customers pay PLN in electricity, telephone, speedy internet, handphone named dikapays. DIKAPays bring electricity payment system by utilizing the online banking facility, known as PPOB (Payment Online Point Bank). With such a system the public / customers more easily pay the electric bill.

Of course not rule out support services from us, such as Call Center services are always ready to serve you, reliable technical support team, applications are always evolving (Update).

We offer the opportunity for those who want to open / establish Payment Counters Electrical and open online payment business opportunities in every city in Indonesia with my PC using a computer or CellPhone. For more information or CONTACT SUPPORT can visit us.

What they said about DIKAPay?

Introducing, I Utomo Utoyo Dikapay outlet owners in Kedurus block 6/17 Surabaya, with the name JASMINE ROSE Outlet. Service from PT. DDS is quite satisfactory and the benefits I have gained greatly increased. Office of PT. DDS is quite close to our house and for cooperation with PT. DDS was satisfactory or profitable. Service is assured if there is trouble. If there is trouble, the team came to the Dika directly for repair. With the ease provided by PT.DDS our business running smoothly, safely and securely. Hopefully in the future far more advanced and profitable for the partners and the wider community ... The spirit continues Dikapays remain ......

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